A New Chapter

It’s taken me a lot of courage & motivation to begin my own beauty blog. There’s so many out there these days, whom have amazing content – so how will I ever compare? Do I even know how to write? What if people find me boring? These are all things I’ve been wondering about for weeks – but I figured, if I don’t try then I’m never going to know the outcome. I might succeed but I might also fail, but isn’t that what life’s all about?

01I figured as my first post, writing an about me would make sense. This way we can slowly ease into this new chapter of my life together without making big moves right off the bat. My name is Chelsea & I welcome you to my blog! This blog of mine will include beauty tips, reviews aka my opinions, swatches, hauls, etc. I promise to try my best to give you great content all while being my absolute self.

I’m a 20-something Canadian who lives in a place where not many people know. I haven’t always been obsessed with makeup; it wasn’t until August 2016 that I really got into it. I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was just plain bored. I had tried many different hobbies since quitting my job back in 2015, but none of them really stuck. Until I brought makeup into my life. Besides doing makeup & flat-laying for fun, I also have a son who’s my everything. Though, he’s in school full time (he’s in Grade 1) so I find that I have a lot of time on my hands. Makeup has given me confidence I never had & lets me get creative without having to commit myself completely (literally, you wipe it off at the end of the day.)

Am I the only one who finds it completely awkward talking about themselves? I never really know what to say without making it sound like bragging. Anyway, besides makeup I actually really enjoy making my own jewelry, upcycling old jewelry boxes, DIY crafts & binge watching Netflix shows. I’m honestly just your typical Canadian woman who loves the small things in life & tries not to take things too seriously — unless I run out of caffeine, then it gets serious real quick.

I hope you all enjoy this blog & the content to come! For now, while I get this thing up & running, be sure to check out my Instagram (it’s where it all started after all.)


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