I really, really wish someone would’ve told me about Influenster a long time ago; I might’ve got into beauty blogging a lot sooner (#lol)! This is such an amazing tool for people who love to review products, give their input & have the chance to receive free products! Really, who doesn’t love free stuff?! The one thing that really is amazing about this service (website or app) is the fact that you don’t need a huge following to qualify for a VoxBox (wth is that? I’ll get to that…). All you need is commitment to reviewing products & giving your opinion – which shouldn’t be too hard, eh; since everyone these days loves giving their opinion.


BiteBeauty x Influenster

This was my first ever VoxBox (there’s that word again) from Influenster! So let’s get into how this whole thing works, shall we?

How It Works: First, you will need to sign up (I’d appreciate if you used my referral link) to Once signed up, create your profile & head over to the Snaps section. Snaps are basically mini surveys so that the people at Influenster can get an idea of what you’re into (beauty, lifestyle, pets, kids, etc). If there’s Snaps available, just go ahead & answer the questions given or skip the ones that don’t really apply to you.

Badges are another important aspect to Influenster, earn some badges – heck, earn ALL the badges! Badges will ultimately help you to qualify for a VoxBox. There’s tons to choose from, but for me personally, I obtained the Beauty Queen badge before any others, obviously. Each Badge has different activities for you to earn points to unlock said Badge. Just complete all activities given (which really aren’t that hard to do, honestly) & get earning!



My Current Campaigns

Next thing to pay attention to are the Campaigns – this is where the fun starts & where you’ll earn tons of points. You’ll be entered into Virtual Campaigns before you receive a physical VoxBox – these Campaigns also have Badges you can earn by completing the specific tasks for each.

Each Campaign is worth 100 points which will then enter you into the running for a special VoxBox & other various prizes. Again, the tasks for each Campaign are fairly simple to achieve, as long as you have the time to put into it.

Okay, so what’s this VoxBox I’ve been talking about? If you’ve put the time into writing reviews, answering/asking questions & just being an active member on Influenster – you may have finally got an e-mail asking you to complete a pre-survey & to give your shipping information. This is a good sign, a very good sign – this means you’re pretty darn close to getting a VoxBox. I’ve been with Influenster since August 2016 (but didn’t really get too involved until about September or October) & I’ve only had to do one pre-survey before getting my first VoxBox. It’s a pretty random process, from what I’ve seen – sometimes you get them, sometimes you don’t. Some people have said they got an e-mail with a tracking number when their VoxBox has shipped, I didn’t but who doesn’t love surprises in their mailbox?

I got a VoxBox, now what? So you were one of the lucky few to get a VoxBox, now it’s time to review some more! Once you’ve got your VoxBox & taken a photo of it – head on over to your account & “check it in”. This is just so they know that you’ve received it & also gives you access to complete activities for your Badge. This usually involves leaving a review & sharing the products on your social media platforms. The one thing that Influenster asks is that you disclose in all your posts that you received the products complimentary or for reviewing purposes only; if you don’t, you may be disqualified for future boxes.

TL;DR: In a nutshell, sign up to Influenster; review products; connect your social media platforms; complete mini surveys; get your Impact Score up & cross your fingers that you get a VoxBox!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me complimentary for reviewing purposes from Influenster.


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