KatVonD Pastel Goth Review & Swatches

When I first saw this palette, I was skeptical – I’ve heard a lot of hyped reviews surrounding KatVonD products, so I was partly expecting to be disappointed. That definitely wasn’t the case at all! This palette is amazing & definitely one that I reach for quite frequently. This was the first KatVonD product I’ve ever purchased & I can definitely see why people love her eyeshadows so much. They’re highly pigmented, super buttery & blend out like a dream! Let’s talk details, eh?



As you can see by how dirty the packaging is, I use it pretty often. However, the cardboard packaging is one of the downfalls about this palette – there’s something about cardboard palettes that turn me off. But besides that, it’s definitely a unique palette. If you’re into soft, pastel colors & don’t have these shades in your collection – I recommend getting this palette. It’s a bit pricey though for only 8 shades, but I definitely wanted to try it – plus it was an early birthday present to myself (insert sly smirk).

I purchased this through Sephora.ca for $56CAD (that includes taxes), which is approximately $42USD. Pretty pricey, in my opinion but I also think it’s worth the money if you don’t have similar shades in your collection already. I like the fact that all shadows are matte, no shimmer, no glitter – just matte. I’m a sucker for matte shadows so that’s another reason why I needed this. It doesn’t come with a brush but the packaging itself does have a pretty decent mirror. It’s also a very compact, sleek palette with a magnetic close – which would be ideal for traveling.

If you’re as pale as I am – a white base is almost a must in order to make these colors truly pop. The only shade I wasn’t a fan of was Meow (the matte lilac) because it barely showed up on my skintone. I really need to build this color up a lot for a nice color payoff. The rest of the shadows, however, are super pigmented! I feel like they’re really easy to blend & you don’t get a lot of fallout when you apply them to your eyes. Although, when you dip your brush into the pans, there is some kickback – but I’m not really one who cares much about that.

I find that since this is a pastel palette, it’s hard to create a complete look unless you’re doing a specific bright or rainbow style look. I do like using these shades as transitions for when I want to do a specific look.



Star (matte daffodil yellow), Clementine (matte peach),  Meow (matte lilac), Dope (matte lavendar), Doom (matte sky blue), Gloom (matte meadow green), Dagger (matte stone gray) & Skull (matte pure white).



  • Blends easily.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Unique shades.
  • Hardly any fallout.


  • Cardboard packaging.
  • Can’t create a complete look.
  • Pricey for the amount of shades.




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