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A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Kelsey (PR rep) from PinchMe to see if I was interested in receiving a VIP box of samples to review on my Instagram page. I couldn’t say no, honestly, I love when companies contact me personally – it honestly makes me feel like all my hard work that has gone into my page hasn’t gone to complete waste. Within a week of getting her e-mail, I received the box in my mailbox. I never got a tracking number, so it was a nice surprise to get! If you’d like to see what I got in my box, how PinchMe works & my reviews on the products – just keep reading…


My PinchMe VIP Box

What is PinchMe? They are a service that send out free samples! They’ve been in business since 2013 & have racked up over 3M members. They’re an Australian-born company, whom currently reside in New York City. They offer free shipping to all areas of the 48 contiguous states in America. Unfortunately, they do not currently ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands or Guam. They also do not ship to Canada or internationally. I was genuinely surprised they contacted me, since I live in Canada – but I’m guessing VIP boxes are special cases?

How It Works: It’s a fairly simple process – first, you sign up on the PinchMe site (scroll down to the bottom for a sign-up form), take their online survey (this is so they know what kind of samples would suit your lifestyle); on sample day (they have a countdown at the top right hand corner of the site) you will pick the samples you want in your box & all you need to do is test out the products you’re sent & give your opinions on them! PinchMe is completely free & no credit card is required.

Products I Received & Reviews

01.pngPrice: $6.97CAD – The first product I tried out was this Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. It’s a moisturizing deep cleanser & makeup remover. This definitely excited me because makeup removers/wipes usually tend to dry out my already dry skin. I also was intrigued because I hear good things about Pond’s products & I haven’t tried any myself – until now! The first time I used this, I was shocked at how quickly & effortlessly this melted off my makeup! Even my stubborn waterproof mascara came off without too much effort. You basically rub (it rubs the lotion on the skin…) this all over your face & wipe it off with a wet cloth – so easy! It didn’t feel greasy on my skin at all & left my skin feeling refreshed & makeup free. It’s quite a thick cream but you don’t need a whole lot of it to do your entire face, which is nice because it’d probably last me quite awhile. This was definitely a thumbs up product for me!

01.pngPrice: $8.96CAD each – Next, I tried out this trio set of Essie nailpolishes. PinchMe sent me a Prime & Pop Base Coat, a Neon color in the shade Off the Wall & a Gel Setter Top Coat. I alway love the color range Essie has, but if I’m being honest, their formula isn’t my favorite. I prefer Sally Hansen’s formula over Essie because I like a thicker formula. Essie has quite a thin consistency & I find that I normally need 3-4 coats to make it full opaque. I’m also not a fan of the brush applicator – it’s a small brush so it makes applying the polish a little more challenging. I like the brushes that are wider & more rounded at the tip. Either way, I love nail polish & was happy to see not one but three Essie polishes in my box!


Price(s): $9.97CAD-$11.94CAD (foundation), $6.97CAD (eyeliner) & $6.97CAD (lip gloss) – I received some CoverGirl samples as well which included: a sample card of the TruBlend foundations in the shades L5, M3, M6, D1, D4 & D7; a Perfect Point Plus eyeliner in Black Onyx & also a Colorlicious Lipgloss in the shade Honeyed Kiss.

Let’s start with the CG TruBlend Foundation sample card. They claim that this foundation will perfectly match 98% of all skin tones – which in my opinion is a pretty big claim considering I’m one of those pale girls who finds it really hard to find my perfect shade. This foundation comes in 14 different shades ranging from Light 1 to Deep 7. It has a light to medium coverage which is fine with me because I don’t like a really heavy foundation to begin with. When I swatched them on my arm (photo below) the formula felt really creamy & seemed to blend well into my skin. It wasn’t patchy nor did it feel greasy at all. The full size version comes in a bottle with a pump, which is amazing for a drugstore brand. I’m kind of tempted to buy the full size to try it out but then again, I’m on the fence about foundation all together because they rarely ever match me.



Black Onyx

I always find it funny when I get eyeliner in subscription boxes because I rarely ever wear eyeliner, but I suppose a black eyeliner is always nice to have just in case. I got the CG Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in the shade Black Onyx. This eyeliner claims to give you control & versatility. I can agree with that because you can use it to create a sharp line or you can use the smudge tip to smudge the eyeliner out for a softer look. This is also a self-sharpening eyeliner, which is always nice to have because I hate using a sharpener on pencils – they always end up getting mangled. The formula is creamy, glides on easily & smudges out without pulling at the skin. The color payoff is nice although it’s not a super dark black which is what I’d want in a black eyeliner.


Honeyed Kiss

Lastly, the CG Colorlicious Lip Gloss in the shade Honeyed Kiss. I’m not a lip gloss kind of girl, I actually kind of hate lip gloss. But, this one is actually really comfortable on the lips & doesn’t have that sticky gross feeling. It also doesn’t feel heavy on the lips & leaves your lips feeling quite moisturized. Honeyed Kiss is a soft pink shade with tiny little gold glitters. It’s a really nice shade to wear alone or on top of other nude lipsticks or lip pencils. I tried it the other day layered over an Ultra Matte lipstick from Colourpop in the shade Times Square & it was stunning!

Some of the other products I received includes: Olay Ultra Moisture Shea Butter Bodywash, Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets, SlimFast 100 Calorie Snack Drizzled Crisps, Shout ColorCatcher Dye-Trapping Sheets & ScotchBrite Scrubbing Dish Cloth.

Thank you so much to PinchMe for contacting me & for sending me these awesome samples. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of all these products! If you’re in the USA, I highly suggest giving this service a try – who doesn’t love free samples?!



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