Colourpop SSS Collection

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might already know that I have a pretty large collection of Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. I’m currently sitting at 75 shadows, not including my backups of my favorites. It’s a bit extensive, I know – but I love this formula & I love Colourpop products as a whole. I’m super excited they came out with their own pressed shadows – but that’ll be a whole other post on it’s own.

Why do I love the super shock shadows? Well, they have the most unique formula I’ve ever seen in an eyeshadow. They’re kind of a hybrid between a powder & a mousse. The best way to describe the texture is.. squishy. But it’s not just the formula I love – they’re jam packed with pigmentation & they blend so easily! I know some people find them difficult to blend but if you find a good synthetic brush (the Colourpop brushes work really well) you shouldn’t have an issue. I also have some Still Spa Essentials brushes from Walmart that I use for the matte & satin shades. For the metallics & glitters I just use my finger to apply to my lid.

I’ve spent the last 3 or so hours going through each & every one of my eyeshadows to give you a color description along with swatches. My arm is kinda hurting after all the swiping & cleaning. So if you’d like to see swatches & a little bit of information, keep on reading!

I’ve split up my shadows by quads/sets & singles. I will put “DC” beside the ones that have been discontinued & are no longer available. I will put a ♥ beside the ones that I love the most. There are some shades in the quads that I no longer have, so I will put an ✘ beside the ones I don’t own anymore.

Quads & Sets


T-B: Cornelious, KathleenLights, Blaze, Weenie, Telepathy, Porter & Midnight

I’m going to kick this off with the two quads that KathleenLights did in collaboration with Colourpop. KathleenLights is one of my most favorite YouTubers & I knew when I saw these I had to have them both.

I pretty much support all her collaborations. Each one of these quads go for $18USD or you can get the individual shades for $5USD each. The two quads Kathleen came out with are Where The Light Is & Where The Night Is.

Where The Light Is ($18USD)

  • GlowCreamy vanilla in a matte finish.
  • CorneliousWarm caramel in a matte finish.
  • KathleenLightsBright golden copper in a pearlized finish.
  • BlazeCoco bronze with multi-dimensional glitter in a metallic finish.

Where The Night Is ($18USD)

  • WeenieTrue rose gold in a pearlized finish.
  • PorterWarm burgundy with multi-dimensional glitter in a metallic finish.
  • TelepathyChartreuse in an ultra metallic finish.
  • MidnightBlack with gold glitter in a metallic finish.

T-B: Lovely, 3, Un, Deux, Trois & Quatre

Next, I’ll be talking about two discontinued quads – which I normally wouldn’t do, but since this is technically a post about my collection; I figured I’d add them in. Beach Please was one of the first quads I ever got from Colourpop, at the time all their quads were $20USD. I really only got this quad for one of the shades in it, which I ended up using later on for my own personal tie dye that I made (#facepalm). There’s only two shades in Beach Please that I still have, but figured I’d throw them into the bunch anyway. The other quad was in collaboration with Jenn IM which is called Jenn Ne Sais Quoi & it’s a really nice quad that you can make a full look with – it kind of saddens me that they discontinued this quad – but I suppose, they had to make room for better things & stuff.

Beach Please (Discontinued)

  • Summer Lovin’Soft beige bronze in a tie dye finish.
  • 3Cool toned bronze with multi-color glitter in a metallic finish.
  • ChipperCool green with glitter in a pearlized finished.
  • LovelySoft gold with a glittery sheen in a metallic finish.

Jenn Ne Sais Quoi (Discontinued)

  • UnSoft champagne with silver multi-dimensional glitter in a metallic finish.
  • DeuxMidtone warm brown in a satin finish.
  • TroisBrownish brick red in a satin finish.
  • QuatreDeep brown in a matte finish.

T-B: 8 Track, White Rabbit, Donna, Static, Paradox, Elixir & Seeker

The next two quads are Studio 1400 which is limited edition & it’s currently on sale for $14.40USD. As well as Zingara which was part of their fall collection which is still available for $18USD.

I love both of these quads a lot, all the shades are unique & highly pigmented. Studio 1400 isn’t one you can complete a full look with because all the shadows are pearlized. Whereas, Zingara you can definitely get a complete eye look with this one quad.

Studio 1400 ($14.40USD on sale, soon to be discontinued)

  • 8 TrackDeep bronze in a pearlized finish.
  • White RabbitPink copper in a pearlized finish.
  • DonnaEmerald green in a pearlized finish.
  • StaticDeep burgundy in a pearlized finish.

Zingara ($18USD)

  • ✘ JinxieSoft gold in a pearlized finish.
  • ParadoxWarm burgundy red in a satin finish.
  • ElixirTerracotta in a matte finish.
  • SeekerWarm reddish brown in a matte finish.

T-B: Rainbow, Friendship File, Small Gift & School Bus

I had been trying my hardest not to buy anything from the HelloKitty collaboration, but of course, like the Colourpop Addict that I am, I caved. I ended up getting the Mama’s Apple Pie quad & if I’m being completely honest – I really didn’t like any of the shadows, besides maybe one.

Two of the four are pretty much all glitter (which I’m not a fan of), one is decent & the other is just super patchy. All in all, I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on this quad, when I could’ve just waited for something better.

Mama’s Apple Pie ($18USD)

  • RainbowWhite with pink & silver glitter in a glitter sheer finish.
  • Friendship FileWarm peachy beige with glitter in a metallic finish.
  • Small GiftMidtone peachy pink in a pearlized finish.
  • School BusDeep navy blue in a pearlized finish.

T-B: Smash, Vega, To-A-T, Mooning, Crimper, Kennedy, Cornelious, Bandit, Truth, Sequin, Brady & Static

The next three quads (All Nighter, Peachy Keen & Love Line – each $18USD) were part of their peach collection & you best believe, I jumped all over that. I love peach shades with my eye color & I wear them quite often (regardless of what time of year it is). I snagged up all three quads when they launched.

The only thing that was somewhat off-putting was that a couple of the quads had shades in them that I already owned – repeat offenders! But nonetheless, these quads get a lot of love & use. I just noticed that each of these quads are part of bundles; where you get the quad + a trio of lippies; each of the bundles are on sale for $33USD.

All Nighter ($18USD)

  • SmashNeutral beige with a soft gold sheen in a satin finish.
  • VegaCool toned taupe gold with gold, pink & violet glitter in a metallic finish.
  • To-A-TMidtone warm brown in a matte finish.
  • MooningBlackened plum with a violet sheen in a pearlized finish.

Peachy Keen ($18USD)

  • CrimperSoft gold with multi-dimensional gold glitter in a metallic finish.
  • KennedyTrue midtone peach in a matte finish.
  • CorneliousWarm caramel in a matte finish.
  • BanditWarm rusty brown in a matte finish.

Love Line ($18USD)

  • TruthNeutral light beige in a satin finish.
  • SequinCopper with multi-dimensional glitter in a metallic finish.
  • BradySoft dusty rose in a matte finish.
  • StaticDeepened burgundy in a pearlized finish.

T-B: I Spy, By My Side, Moonwalk, Melrose, High Rise & Head Rush

The next two are sets (not quads) because they each came with 6 shadows instead of 4. The first one is the Love a Flare set (one of my absolute favorites) which is being discontinued soon & is on sale for $20USD. I love the colors in this set, I’ve hit pan on a few of them already.

This box comes with a mirror which would be ideal for traveling. I also turned all my set boxes into my own DIY z-palettes; by taking out the foam that surrounds each of the pots.

Love a Flare ($20USD on sale, soon to be discontinued)

  • I SpyDusty peach in a matte finish.
  • MelroseTrue rust in a matte finish.
  • MoonwalkRusty orange with a yellow/green duochrome shift in a pearlized finish.
  • By My Side – Yellowish peach with a pink duochrome shift in a pearlized finish.
  • High RiseDeep olive in a matte finish.
  • Head RushKhaki olive in a matte finish.

T-B: Peekaboo, Patchwork, Thirsty Girl, Desert & Fairfax

The other is Never Not Chillin which has already been discontinued because it was part of their holiday collection. The packaging came in a record inspired box & the packaging of the actual shadow pots is black, I loooove the holiday collection packaging. You could probably take out the foam from this one as well to turn into a DIY z-palette; however, I didn’t do that just in case I ended up wrecking the circular box that holds the shadows.

Never Not Chillin’ (Discontinued)

  • PeekabooSoft gold with glitter in a metallic finish.
  • PatchworkBlackened teal with teal glitter in a metallic finish.
  • Thirsty Girl Deep brown with gold glitter in a metallic finish.
  • DesertMedium brown in a satin finish.
  • BabykinsMedium dark plum with glitter in a metallic finish.
  • FairfaxDeep brown in a matte finish.

Individuals By Finish

I swear, this post does have an end, soon… hopefully. If you’re still reading, I truly thank you because when I sat down to type this, I didn’t think it was going to be this long. If I’ve bored you by now, I’m truly sorry (#notsorry) & should probably stop while I’m ahead – but it’s too late to turn back now! Each individual shadow is $5USD!

Mattes, Satins & Pearlized

  • ♥ Hanky PankyLight warm beige.
  •  BillLight dusty mauve.
  •  TangSoft plum beige.
  • ♥ Girl Crush (DC)Midtone true gray.
  • ♥ Party Time (DC/LE)Eggplant purple.
  • Hustle (DC)Burgundy violet.
  • ♥ WattlesDusty pinkish beige.
  • Hot TamaleCoppery brown with multi-dimensional glitter.
  • Puppy LoveCream pink with a gold sheen (NKLA Charity).
  •  CoconutBright teal.
  •  Lace Deep violet.

T-B: (1) Hanky Panky, Bill, Tang, Party Time, Hustle & Girl Crush; (2) Wattles & Hot Tamale; (3) Puppy Love, Coconut & Lace

Metallics & Glitters

  • Birthday GirlLight gold with pink & silver glitter.
  • IgnitionLavender with glitter (Amanda Steele Collab).
  • Prickly PearLavender with gold & violet glitter.
  • Cat NapRose gold with pink & silver glitter (NKLA Charity).
  • ShamelessBlack with gold & green glitter.
  • StereoBlackened purple with gold & pink glitter.
  • MuseTrue rose with a slight sheen.
  • ♥ Koosh (DC)Icy silver taupe.
  • Just Fur Fun (DC)Warm pink with glitter.
  • Tinsel (DC)Grayed out icy lavender.
  • Sleigh (DC)Icy sage with silver glitter.
  • HydroplaneBright turquoise teal with glitter (Amanda Steele Collab).
  • CuspBright green with blue & gold glitter.
  • ArrowVibrant reddish pink with pink & copper glitter.
  • CricketIcy purple with multi-dimensional glitter.
  • BaeEggplant purple with blue glitter.

T-B: (1) Birthday Girl, Ignition, Prickly Pear, Cat Nap, Shameless, Stereo, Muse, Koosh, Just Fur Fun, Tinsel & Sleigh; (2) Hydroplane, Cusp, Arrow, Cricket & Bae

In conclusion, I love the Super Shock formula, the blendability & the pigmentation. Some shades have been a hit or miss just because there’s some that I expected more out of. But all in all, I love them & probably always will – they were the first Colourpop products I ever tried. Again, I’m sorry if this post seemed super long (it was, I’ll admit) or even boring (which I hope it wasn’t) but if you have any other suggestions for more collection posts, leave me a comment!



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