KathleenLightsxMorphe Review

When I first saw this palette, I knew I had to have it. Not just because it’s in collaboration with KathleenLights (my frickin’ idol) but some of the shades inside are unique & it was limited edition. I don’t believe it’s still available on the Morphe website, but if you can get your hands on this palette – do it! I know there’s a lot of controversy with the Morphe brand but I personally like their eye shadows & brushes.

I ordered this palette when they first released it, October 25th. I had ordered two palettes (I had put one in an Instagram giveaway) & both of them cost me $51.49USD. Which to me is a bit pricey considering half of that was just on shipping. Some brands may be “affordable” until you go to checkout & see how much shipping is. Each palette was $14.99USD & I paid $24.50USD in shipping fees – then once you actually do the USD to CAD currency conversion; I ended up paying almost $70CAD. So, with all that money spent on such an “affordable” brand, I was definitely crossing my fingers that I would love this palette.

And… I do! I really love this palette, it’s definitely in my top 5 favorite palettes. I love it so much that when they restocked for a second time, I ended up buying two more (one for myself as a backup & one for another future giveaway.)

Let’s Talk Packaging

01.pngThe box it comes in is really pretty, it says KathleenLights in a cute cursive font along with some hanging lights – which is fitting with her name. On the back, there’s a photo of KL & a little blurb to her fans, which says:

” I’m so happy to be sharing this palette with you guys! It was so fun to think of all the different colors I love wearing & putting them together! I can’t get enough of it & I hope you feel the same way! You guys mean the world to me! Thank you for always being so loving & supportive! Enjoy! Xoxo “

I think it’s such a genuine little shout out to her fans without making it sound fake or forced. It sounds down to earth, just like she portrays herself to be in her videos.

The packaging of the palette itself is made out of cardboard, unlike previous Morphe palettes which are plastic. But I don’t mind the cardboard, even though it gets dirty real quick (mine is super dirty, I use it so much!) It has a magnetic close which is nice if you’re traveling. It’s a sleek black palette with Morphe’s classic red font on the cover which says “Morphe x KathleenLights”. I like how compact this palette is, it makes storing it easy & I don’t have to worry a lot about it breaking if I drop it – it’s sturdy enough.

05.pngYou get 15 shades in this palette some of which are available as Morphe singles & some were custom designed by KL herself. The downside to this palette is that there’s no names for the shadows, which makes it a little difficult when you’re doing a review and/or tutorial – but I’ll manage. This palettes has various different finishes ranging from mattes to shimmers to frosted. It has 8 mattes, 5 shimmers & 2 frosted shades. This is a great palette for every day & you can get a lot of different wearable looks just from this one palette. If you love warm colors & having the option of some cool toned colors, this palette might just be perfect for you! 

Let’s Get Swatchin’

03Shade #1Cream peachy beige in a shimmer finish. Comes in an individual shade called Cream Puff.

Shade #2Bone white in a matte finish. Comes from a previous Morphe palette.

Shade #3Golden peach with tiny glitter in a matte finish. Comes in an individual shade called Deep Skin.

Shade #4Gold in a shimmer finish. First custom shade.

Shade #5Cranberry in a shimmer finish. Second custom shade.

01Shade #6Muted black brown in a matte finish. Comes in an individual shade called Trouble.

Shade #7Purple taupe in a shimmer finish. Comes from the 35T palette.

Shade #8Bronze in a shimmer finish. Third custom shade.

Shade #9Light cranberry in a matte finish. Fourth custom shade.

Shade #10Deep maroon red in a matte finish. Comes in an individual shade called Secretive.

02Shade #11Mossy green in a frosted finish. Fifth custom shade.

Shade #12Vibrant green in a frosted finish. Sixth custom shade.

Shade #13Burnt orange in a matte finish. Comes from the 350 palette.

Shade #14Mustard brown in a matte finish. Comes from the 350 palette.

Shade #15Cool toned black in a matte finish. Comes in an individual shade called Coal.

My Thoughts

The mattes are hit & miss – some of them feel super creamy & then there’s some that tend to feel a bit more gritty (the ones with red undertones). A few of them are a tad patchy & need to be built up – which if you know me, I don’t mind that. I would rather build up colors than go in too strong right off the bat. There’s some people out there who’ve claimed that the black is the “worst black ever” but if you’ve watched KL’s video about this palette – the black wasn’t meant to be super black in the first place. She wanted a cool toned black that wasn’t overly pigmented because we all know black eye shadow can be super intimidating. The shimmers are all super beautiful, buttery & opaque. There is a bit of kickback when dipping your brush in, but that’s not really something that makes a huge difference to me. There’s also a little bit of fallout with some of the matte shades but again, not a big deal to me.

All in all, I love this palette. I love it so much I ended up buying a backup for myself. Keep an eye out on my Instagram because once I hit 5k I will be doing another giveaway – this pretty little palette may just be in it!

Some Looks I’ve Done Using This Palette

The third eyelook is up on my YouTube channel! Like & subscribe if you enjoyed it.






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