Colourpop Liquid Lipstick Collection

I figured since I did a collection post on the Super Shock shadows; I might as well break this mini series into parts by product type. So up next will be my Colourpop liquid lipstick collection – which is no where near as big as the shadows; I only have 17 of the liquid lipsticks. They come in a range of finishes including; matte, satin, metallic & glossy. My collection only consists of matte & satin – I’m not really into the metallic lip trend & I really don’t like glosses. Each liquid lipstick retails for $6USD each & you get 0.11oz of product. They’re some of the most affordable liquid lipsticks I’ve come across & you get what you pay for. They’re liquid lipsticks are very inconsistent – a lot of them are hit or miss.

If you’d like to see mini reviews & swatches – keep on reading!

I’ve split these up into three parts – pinky nudes, peachy/reds & purple/browns. I definitely have a type & I’m not ashamed of it. *Disclaimer: Not all lipsticks look the same on everyone, so keep that in mind when looking at the arm/lip swatches. Pretty much all lipsticks (no matter what brand) goes about 2-3 shades darker on my lips. I do put concealer on my lips beforehand to try to get the shades true to color.

Nudes & Pinks

01.pngTrapDusty greige in a matte finish. This was my first ever Colourpop liquid lipstick.

Times SquareMuted pink beige in a matte finish.

AlyssaMuted pink in a satin finish. KathleenLights collaboration.

Spritz (DC/LE)Cool toned pink in a satin finish.

JiffyDusty mauve in a satin finish. Amanda Steele collaboration.

Perky (DC/LE)Warm Dusty Rose in a matte finish. Holiday 2016 collection.

Peach & Reds

02.pngScreenshotDeep peach in a satin finish. Available in the Just Peachy bundle.

InstigatorMuted peach in a matte finish. Only available in the Just Peachy bundle.

Speed DialRich peach in a matte finish. Available in the Just Peachy bundle.

CalypsoMidtone pink in a satin finish. Previously named Gypsy.

Chilly Chili (DC)Warm brownish red in a matte finish.

Love BugRich mahogany in a matte finish. Also available in lippie stick form.

Purples & Browns

03.pngLumiere 2Deep dusty mauve in a matte finish. KathleenLights collaboration.

FemmeMuted dirty lilac in a satin finish. 

Bijou (On Sale)Dusty orchid in a satin finish. Holiday 2016 collection.

ChapsDeep aubergine in a matte finish. Amanda Steele collaboration.

Embellish (DC)Neutral brown in a matte finish. Holiday 2016 collection.

Overall Thoughts

In general I prefer a matte liquid lipstick; but when it comes to Colourpop I prefer the satin formula over the mattes. The mattes are extremely hit or miss & they tend to feel really drying on the lips (yeah, most matte liquid lipsticks are drying – but these are super drying). I like the satin formula because they’re a lot more comfortable but I hate that they transfer. The worst formulas I own are Love Bug & Embellish – they’re both gross, get crumbly & flake off my lips within minutes. I’ve tried adding my Tarte oil to them but it still didn’t help much at all. Chaps is a little patchy but if you let it dry between layers it’s a really nice color. The applicator on some of the older ones I own have a fuzzy wand which makes it difficult to apply; especially since I have tiny little bird lips. Some of the newer ones have a smaller, more compact wand which is a lot nicer & applies the product better for me personally.

All in all, I probably will buy more in the future. I don’t think they’re terrible products but you do get what you pay for. They’re affordable but the downside is that you can only buy Colourpop online. I still love Colourpop as a brand, they have amazing products – but when it comes to the liquid lipsticks; I just don’t see myself wearing them as much as the lippie stix I have (which I’ll do a post about those in the future). Would I recommend these? Depends on the color in question to be honest.



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