ClionadhCosmetics Review + Swatches

You’re probably wondering what ClionadhCosmetics is, right? I wondered the exact same thing when I came across them back in September (or October, my memory sucks) on Instagram. I did some research & found out that it was a Canadian brand run by a sister duo, Maggie & Leigh. I’m all about supporting small brands, especially when they’re based in Canada – there’s really not that many that I know of. So let’s get into who they are, eh?

They’re a 100% cruelty-free & vegan cosmetic brand based in Toronto, Ontario. They specialize in handmade highlighters & blush toppers; which are suitable for all skin tones. Some of the products can also be used on the eyes as well, which will be stated in the product description on their site.

I’ve had the pleasure of befriending Maggie & Leigh, the owners of this amazing brand. They’re both super sweet & care about their customers with a great amount of love. They make the most unique & gorgeous handmade highlighters I’ve probably ever seen. The amount of time & effort put into every single product they make is incredible. From taking suggestions from their customers to the detailed imprints on their products to even the packaging – these girls are killin’ it!

You may have heard me rave about them on Instagram; but I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, mean everything I’m about to say in this post. If you’d like to read my overall thoughts & see swatches of the ones I currently own – keep on reading!

I don’t have an over abundance of their products because they aren’t the most affordable highlighters – but they’re not overly priced either. You get a lot of product for what it’s worth & you can’t deny the amount of love that has gone into every single one of these products. You best believe if I had the money – I would definitely buy every single they come out with! Everything was bought with my own money (maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to get on their PR list *shifty eyes*) & everything said is 100% my honest opinion.


One-Offs are basically pans that were made using up left over materials. The prices of the one-off pans are based upon how much the pan is filled. If the pan is full it will be $16CAD. One-offs do not have a name to them & there’s limited quantity for each.

The first pan has a beautiful butterfly imprint & a splatter effect. The second pan is cream/pink marble design. The third pan has a beautiful cream/gray/coral marble effect. Depending on where you dip your brush or swatch you can get 1-3 different color variations.

Deity Series

04.pngThe Deity Series is their permanent line of highlighters. Each pan ranges from $16CAD – $18CAD. They also have bundles that will save you a bit of money. I have a sample pan & I had a full sized pan of Anu but my sweet little baby had an accident – RIP. The sample pan I have is of their shade Eadon (swatch on the right) which was named after the Irish Goddess of poetry & creativity. Eadon is a light peachy champagne color, very universal for all skin tones. Anu (may she rest in pieces) is was named after the Irish Goddess of fertility, prosperity & comfort. Anu has a peach base which will shift to either purple, blue or gold depending on how the light hits.

Harvest Moon Collection

This collection launched on October 4th, 2016 & was limited edition. Each shade in this collection was Halloween inspired in some shape or form. I was super stoked for this collection because I love Halloween & the designs they came out with, I just couldn’t pass up! I ended up getting 4 pans; 3 of which I ordered but they ended up throwing in an extra because one of the pans wasn’t completely full. See what I mean about them having amazing customer service!? This collection had 4 shades: Eclipse (a cute half moon design), Allspice (a swirl with a coffee bean imprint), Confection (a candy corn inspired design) & Cornucopia (marble with a cute imprint; came in a light & dark version).

I ended up getting Eclipse, Allspice (I dropped it & it broke, so I had to repress it) & Cornucopia. Eclipse is a pure white highlight with a purple toned gunmetal silver with micro-sparkles. Allspice is a cream with a pink/red shift & a golden caramel swirl. Cornucopia (on sale for $14CAD) is a combination of 16 different pigments which gives you 4 different colors; rustic golden yellow, ruddy red, greenish mauve & a mauve. Each of these products had the option of being scented or unscented & let me just say; they smell frickin’ delicious!

Ornamental Collection

08.pngThe Ornamental Collection was the name of their holiday release which is still in stock; so get them quick before they sell out! This collection had 5 different shades including: Sugarcane ($19CAD/4g), Sucrose ($19CAD/4g), Fractal ($19CAD/6g), Sugar Plum ($18/6g) & Candelabra ($18/6g). I picked up only one of the shades from this collection which was Sugar Plum (swatch to the right) because if you know me, you’d know how much I love purple. Sugar Plum is a light warm plum with a cool purple shift. These also have the option of being scented or unscented – as well it comes in a bundle to save some money.

Charity Shades

Each month Clionadh has charity shades where 50% of the proceeds will go to the corresponding charity. Which I think is such an incredible thing to do. I’ve purchased two of them so far & will probably continue to purchase the charity shades in the future.

Blushed (no longer available) was the shade they did in October where 50% of the proceeds went to The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. This shade in particular holds a very special place in my heart because my grandma passed when I was little due to breast cancer. I knew as soon as I saw this on their Instagram – I needed it in my collection. Blushed is such a beautiful color with a golden pink marble effect. Depending on how you swatch it you can get a really pretty pale pink shade with a gold shift. As a bonus, there was an option for scented or unscented – the scented smells like vanilla!

Monsieur (out of stock) was Novembers shade where 50% of the proceeds went to Prostate Cancer Canada. This shade is also very special to me because my uncle has been having issues with his prostate  & if me spending a little money on cancer research makes even the tiniest difference – then just gimme all the highlighters. Monsieur is a gorgeous duo toned color with an iridescent blue & a golden teal all swirled together. I personally wouldn’t use this as a face highlight but it sure does make a stunning eye shadow! This also comes scented or unscented – the scented smells like honey & oatmeal!

New Product!

I was beyond thrilled when I saw they were coming out with their very first eye shadow palette! We all know I had to get it. Their eye shadow palette is called Garland & Garden ($25CAD) which is in it’s final restock – get it quick before it’s gone, you won’t regret it! The palette comes with 4 metallic or foiled shades which in my opinion, you can’t really make a complete look with just metallic or foiled shadows but they are really nice as an all over color or to add something extra to your look.

09Each pan is 1g which I think is a pretty decent amount for the price. They’re highly pigmented & they’re incredibly buttery. You definitely don’t need any sort of base under these. They lasted an 8 hour day on my eyes without any creasing or flaking. The formula of these are a lot different than their highlighters – which I’ll get more into down below. They do come in a palette already but I ended up de-potting mine so I could pop them into a z-palette of my own.

ChamomileChampagne with tiny sparkles in a metallic finish.
CardamomOrange gold in a foiled finish.
SageMoss green with a gold reflect in a metallic finish.
ElderBerry in a metallic finish.

Overall Thoughts

The highlighters are extremely unique & well thought out. The amount of detail that goes not only into the product itself but into the packaging as well is outstanding! The formula is a bit on the powdery side with a lot of kickback. They don’t feel chalky on the face though & they do last a pretty long time. Although, I’d suggest using a setting spray just to make them last a little longer. Maggie has already confirmed with me that they are working on tweaking the formula so that it’s not as powdery – which is nice that they take their customers feedback into consideration! Some of the newer highlighters (Harvest Moon/Ornamental Collections) aren’t as powdery as the older ones.

The eye shadows on the other hand are amazing! The formula on them is so good with no fallout & very minimal kickback. I’m hoping in the future their highlighters have the same type or close to the same type of formula because the eye shadows feel extremely high quality. I have no complaints when it comes to their eye shadows. Maggie also confirmed that they may be working on some matte shades in the future so I’m definitely excited for that!

All in all, ClionadhCosmetics is an amazing brand for being a family run business. The girls behind the scenes are the sweetest owners I’ve come across & they truly care about their customers (can’t really say the same about a few of the bigger brands). If you haven’t tried ClionadhCosmetics yet, I definitely recommend that you do!

PS: It’s pronouned Klee-oh-nah. Yeah, I was saying it totally wrong for months (#lol).



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