JuviasPlace Masquerade Mini Review

Yup, another palette review – I have a lot of palettes & I figured since I am indeed a palette hoarder; I might as well do some reviews on the ones I own! I’ll be reviewing the Masquerade Mini by JuviasPlace. This isn’t a palette I would normally gravitate towards because I don’t wear too many bright blues – but I’ve seen this all around social media & other beauty gurus talking about it; so I fell into the hype & purchased it.

01.pngI purchased this through the JuviasPlace website for $28USD on sale. It’s currently available for $30USD or you can get the larger version for $35USD (limited edition). The only thing that really bothered me about ordering from them is the fact that I got charged custom fees. When FedEx delivered to my door, I had asked if I owed anything & they told me “no”. About a month later I ended up getting a bill in my mailbox from FedEx saying I owed about $15CAD for custom fees. Why wouldn’t they just take payment at the time of delivery? Anyway, it just made me a little salty because I really do like the products I ordered (the palette + a brush set) but whenever I’m charged custom fees I’m always a little put off from ordering again.

At least the palette & brushes were worth it though; so I guess it wasn’t a complete letdown. If you’d like to see my thoughts & swatches on this palette – keep on reading!


You can’t deny that the packaging is beautiful! The artwork that went into this palette is incredible & extremely eye catching. The palette is made out of a sturdy cardboard but doesn’t include a mirror. Which isn’t a huge bummer because it makes the palette lightweight & easy to travel with. It also comes with a magnetic closure so that it’s easy for storage & makes the entire palette look compact. I love the concept of this palette; the Masquerade palette was inspired by African festivals & their environment – which is why there’s both bright, bold colors along with more neutral browns.


This shadows are extremely pigmented & buttery. You get next to no kickback nor do you have any fallout which is always a pretty nice bonus. The couple shades that have glitter do feel a tad bit gritty but not overly where they’re unbearable to work with. Each shade is jam packed with high pigmentation; making it easy to show up on women (& men) of color. Sometimes when a shadow has a lot of pigmentation, they can be a little difficult to blend but these are actually really easy to blend & you don’t need to spend forever to get your look done.


This palette comes with 16 shadows in total; in various finishes including matte, metallic & glittery. The bold colors are to represent the costumes used in African festivals & the more brown neutral shades represent the African soils. This is a nice palette to have in your collection because you can make a ton of different looks with it. You can go simple with a neutral look or really pack on some bold colors if you’re feeling festive.

LDOM8465.pngChiRoyal blue in a metallic finish.
MaliDeep sea green in a metallic finish.
DaliaLight sky blue in a metallic finish.
ZolaLight aqua blue in a frosty finish.
MakedaDeep royal purple in a metallic finish.
ZoboDeep magenta in a matte finish.
CalabarDeep burgundy maroon in a shimmery finish.
BoriHot pink with gold glitter in a matte finish.
GizaChampagne silver in a metallic finish.
BurkinaWarm brown in a matte finish.
CairoWarm red/orange with gold glitter in a matte finish.
AdaWarm red/brown in a matte finish.
DahliaWarm golden brown in a metallic finish.
ZuluMilk chocolate brown in a matte finish.
CasablancaCopper bronze in a metallic finish.
FulaniDeep dark chocolate brown in a matte finish.

Overall Thoughts

Untitled-3.pngI really like this palette a lot, it’s the one I grab whenever I’m feeling like wearing really bright & bold colors. They apply nicely to the eye & they last a really long time without creasing (on my eyes anyway…) They’re tightly packed in the pans so that you have minimal to no fallout or kickback which is always nice. I chose the mini version because I figured since I’ve never hit pan on a palette; I wouldn’t need the bigger version. Even though this is technically a “mini” version of this palette, I feel like it’s still quite big & you get a lot of product for the price. Overall, I think this is a nice palette to have in your collection if you’re a neutral color lover or someone who likes the bright bold blue tones.




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