Mini Elf Haul

This is my first “haul” post so I figured I’d do my most recent haul which was just some Elf products from our weekly Walmart trip. My boyfriend actually paid for it, because yes, I am spoiled. I only picked up a few new things that I needed to do a full face of Elf (this will most likely be on my Instagram tomorrow sometime) – so it’s not going to be a huge haul by any means. Our local Walmart actually just got Elf products last summer, so our selection in store isn’t that big. I normally order from the website, but the last time I tried my card was denied for some odd reason. But anyway; let’s get on with the haul!

03.pngThis first item is actually something I’ve had in my collection for awhile now (from a previous online purchase) that I had never opened. I figured I’d throw this in with this particular haul. This is the Clay Eyeshadow Palette in Seaside Sweetie. It’s a really nice palette with some pretty neutral shades & a pop of color. Based on just my swatches, the formula feels really buttery & they seem very pigmented. I feel like since they’re infused with Kaolin clay, they won’t budge & crease on the lids (however, I don’t really have issues with creasing in general). I’m excited to see how they apply to the eyes! You can get this online for $6USD & there’s 3 other color options to choose from.

02Next is a repurchase; I’ve tried the Flawless Finish Foundation before but that was last summer so the shade I had was way too dark for me. I ended up picking up another bottle of this in the shade Porcelain for $7.97CAD (online retails for $6USD). My Walmart literally only had two shades to choose from so this might still be too yellow for my skin tone but I will try it out regardless. It’s been awhile since I’ve wore this foundation so I honestly can’t remember if I liked it or not. I will most likely make a whole post on foundations alone in the future.

01I also picked up one of these Bronzer palettes in the shade Golden, for $3.97CAD (online retails for $4USD). Again, my Walmart had a super limited selection to choose from which is a bummer & also why I normally shop online. These powders felt really buttery when I swatched them. There was barely any kickback & they seemed to blend out really nicely on my skin. You can use the shades individually or swirl them all together. I did individual swatches along with a swatch of them mixed together (the last swatch). I’m not really a huge fan of bronzer until recently, so I’m hoping this doesn’t end up looking to orange on my skin.

04.pngNext, I picked up one of the Baked Highlighter & Blush duos. I’m not really into the whole baked powder trend but these are actually really pretty! I was kind of expecting them to be glittery but they have a really nice sheen to them – which is fine with me because I hate how glitter looks on my face. I got it in the shade Rose Gold – which is a fitting name since the highlighter is a pretty nice pale gold shade & the blush is a pretty rose shade. The formula is quite stiff but it is a baked product so they’ll will most likely work better when wet. But regardless, both shades look really stunning so I’m stoked to see how the look & apply to the face. I got this for $5.97CAD (online retails for $4USD).

05Lastly, I got myself an Eyebrow Kit in the shade Light for $3.97CAD (online retails for $3USD). It comes with a wax & a powder so I’m hoping it doesn’t end up pulling to red on my brows (previous Elf brow products I’ve tried have). I’ve also heard that the powder can actually double as a cool toned contour powder as well – so I might have to try that out! The wax doesn’t feel greasy & kind of “gripped” to the skin when I swatched it – so it might actually work really well for keeping the brows in place. The powder also felt really nice & smooth as well, it didn’t seem chalky or too powdery.

That’s all I got in this haul! I’m hoping after income tax when my financial issues are resolved, I’ll be able to buy some new makeup & make more haul posts!

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