BHCosmetics Marble Collection Review

There’s quite a few reviews floating around on the Warm Stone ($14USD) palette from BHCosmetics; but rarely any on the Cool Stone ($12USD) palette – this post will be reviewing both of them. I purchased both palettes from the website on October 17th, 2016 for $12USD each. When I saw them on their Instagram – the marble packaging is what sold me if I’m being honest. I had planned on putting the Cool Stone palette in my giveaway but I ended up keeping it for myself once I got them – they both look really pretty & the shades are stunning.

If you’d like to read my thoughts on both palettes & see swatches – keep on reading!


01.pngLike I said; the packaging is what sold me – they both have a stunning marble effect on the lid. Most other palettes from this brand are cardboard but this one is actually made of a sturdy plastic that has a secure latch closure. They’re both super compact & sleek – they also come with a high quality mirror which would make it the perfect travelling palette. They really outdid themselves on the packaging for this collection – it’s a very affordable brand, but these two palettes look of high quality.

Each palette has 12 shades; 6 mattes, 3 shimmers & 3 frosted; two of which are duo-chromes. Each row could be used for a look or you can mix & match the colors. I personally love when palettes make it easy to create looks depending on how the shadows are laid out. The one thing that does sort of grind my gears is the fact they shadows don’t have names to them – which I suppose isn’t a huge deal but they are nice to have!


02.pngWhile the packaging is most definitely a hit for me – the formula however is not. The formula is definitely very hit or miss. The matte shadows are soft but they tend to have a lot of kickback (finger or brush) & some of the darker shades are extremely patchy. The shimmers are definitely buttery & pack a lot of pigmentation, but they also have some kickback. The lightest cream shades in each palette are terriblethey’re chunky, chalky & just don’t apply nicely at all. They swatch decently but as soon as you apply them to the eyes they’re more or less just a wash of color & blend to almost nothing. I’m sure if you were to use a setting spray of some sort – you could probably foil the shimmers & get a lot more pigmentation from them.


Each swatch was built up quite a lot to get some pigmentation without a primer or base underneath. When applied to the eyes, they’re very powdery & blend away super easily.

Warm Stone Palette
Cool Stone Palette

Overall Thoughts

I’m honestly not impressed with either of these palettes. The packaging really is the only thing I truly love about them – the shadows themselves definitely need a lot of work. If you’re the type of person who loves the really simple, natural every day look – these might actually be your cup of tea. If you’re someone like me who really likes to pack on the pigmentation – then I would definitely suggest passing on these. The color range within these two palettes are super beautiful but the formula is where the real wow factor should be. If you’re on a really tight budget or someone who likes the subtle wash of color; I would suggest maybe trying out the Warm Stone palette (which is now $14USD) but I’m sure you could find something with a better formula for around the same price range.

All in all, these two palettes are definitely a miss for me – I never use them, sadly, because I really wanted to love both of these.



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