My Favorite Brushes

Not only am I a palette hoarder but I really have a deep love for brushes too. I mean, you really can never have enough brushes. My boyfriend once asked me why I needed so many brushes & I just looked at him with the most serious look on my face & said “Why do you need so many tools?” — He really didn’t have anything to say to that so I said “A woman’s brushes are equivalent to a man’s tools; each brush does a different job.” And honestly, it’s 100% true.

I tried my hardest to narrow down my favorite brushes depending on what I use them for. So if you’re interested – just keep on reading!


I don’t typically use a brush when it comes to foundation or concealer – I use sponges for the most part. However, I do have some thicker foundations that brushes seem to work best for. I won’t go into too much detail on each brush – it’s all pretty straightforward for what I use them for. If you see an asterisk (*) beside the brush name, it means that it was sent to me or I have a coupon code for it.

01.pngRealTechniques Miracle Sponge ($9.24USD for 2) – These are probably hands down my favorite sponges. Mind you, I haven’t tried the original BeautyBlender but I mean these sponges are really good for being a drugstore brand.

L’Oreal Infallible Sponge ($6.97USD) – This is also a really nice sponge for being a drugstore brand. I was expecting it to be quite stiff but it’s really squishy & doesn’t soak up too much product either.

Elf Powder Brush ($4USD) – Yeah, it’s technically a powder brush but I think it works really well for thin foundations. It’s soft & isn’t too dense but not overly fluffy either.

Pur Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush* ($28USD) – This oval brush is tightly packed which is ideal for really thick foundations. I use this brush with the PurCosmetics Bare It All foundation specifically.

Pur Skin Perfecting Concealer Brush* ($22USD) – This is a smaller version of the foundation brush, meant for concealer. It works really nicely to blend out concealer but I feel it’s a little too big still for under the eye area. I like the bristles & how soft it is though.


02.pngMorphe M551 ($13.99USD) – This is a nice tapered brush for applying loose powders all over the face to set your foundation. The bristles are super soft & it’s not dense making it easy to apply a thin layer of powder.

Elf Blush Brush ($3USD) – Technically, it’s meant for blush but I really like using this for setting underneath my eyes. It’s tapered enough where it fits nicely in smaller areas.

Morphe MB1 ($10.99USD) – This is the perfect soft domed brush for lightly dusting powder all over. It’s super soft & doesn’t leave you looking cakey.


03.pngMorphe #2 ($14.99USD set) – This brush is definitely one of my favorites – it’s so universal. I use this for blush & contour. This brush came in the Candy Apple Red brush set.

Morphe MB4 ($9.99USD) – This brush can also be used for blush or contouring. It’s a little more dense so it packs on the pigment a lot better but it also blends powders into the face nicely.


05.pngMorphe M512 ($8.99USD) – If you like your contour really sharp & chiseled you might really like this brush. It’s a soft chubby round brush that gives you a precise application to carve out your cheekbones.

Morphe Contour – I don’t know the exact name for this brush because I got it in my Morphe Brush subscription bag (when I was subscribed…) & I think it was limited edition to the subscription. They do have a similar brush on their website though for $9.99USD.

Morphe #2 ($14.99USD set) – Like I said above, this brush is universal. I don’t like having a sharp contour so I use this brush for a more subtle soft contour.


04SoSusan Fan Brush ($18.95USD) – This brush is really nice for swiping on some highlighter. I got this in my monthly Boxycharm. It’s a cruelty-free & vegan fan brush!

BHCosmetics #7 ($19.99 set) – This brush is technically an eye shadow brush from a set but I personally love it as a highlighting brush. It’s tapered so it fits nicely to the cheekbone & blends product out really well.


I have a ton of eye shadow brushes that I love! I’m just going to list them since they all do the exact same thing. They’re soft on the eyes & blend product really well. If they have an asterisk (*) beside it’s an affiliate link or I have a coupon code.


Colourpop Blending Brush ($6USD)
Morphe M517 Jumbo Crease Brush ($5.99USD)
Morphe M502 Round Blender Brush ($5.99USD)
MakeupGeek Soft Dome Blending Brush* ($8.50USD)
Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Brush ($15.70USD)
Still Spa Essentials 006 Blending Brush (Walmart)
JuviasPlace J127 Precision Brush ($35USD set)
JuviasPlace J125 Blending Brush ($35USD set)


Mikasa E230 Shader Brush* ($12USD, use GLAMSKULL15 for $$ off)
Royal & Langnickel BOM-40 (Available March 7th)


Royal & Langnickel BOM-18 (Available on March 7th)
Morphe M515 Detail Crease Brush ($3.99USD)


Mikasa E100 Angled Liner Brush* ($11USD, use GLAMSKULL15 for $$ off)


BHCosmetics x Ashley Tisdale #8 ($19USD set)
Milani Eyebrow Brush (Came with eyebrow pomade)

Those are some of my favorite brushes – I do have a lot more that I use daily but these ones are the ones I go for the most! If you have any suggestions for other “favorites” posts, leave me a comment below!

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