Colourpop Pressed Powders Review

01.pngIf you haven’t already heard, Colourpop has released their own pressed eye shadows! I was so incredibly stoked when I found this out that I knew right away that I would have to get a few to try out. I ended up purchasing the Amanda Steele eye shadow palette, Weekend Warrior – even though the shades inside weren’t my cup of tea; I really needed to try out the formula.

Let me just say; their eye shadow formula is amazing! They’re incredibly soft, packed full of pigmentation & they blend really nicely on the eyes. There isn’t a ton of kickback nor do you get a lot (if any at all) of fallout either. My collection quickly grew after trying them out when they first released – I honestly want more of them. However, after being hit with custom fees on my most recent order; I’m thinking I’ll have to hold off on ordering anything else for awhile.

If you’re interested in seeing my collection of Colourpop pressed eye shadows – keep on reading!

I’ve split my collection into sections; by quads/premade palettes & then individual shadows. The set up of this post will be quite similar to my Colourpop Super Shock Shadow collection post. I will put “DC” beside the ones that have been discontinued & are no longer available. I will put a ♥ beside the ones that I love the most.

Quads / Premade Palettes


T-B: Throttle, Harley, Burnout & Chopper

The first quad I’ll be talking about is the Weekend Warrior palette; which was in collaboration with Amanda Steele. This premade palette is $18USD & you get 4 shadows in this palette. You can also pop the pans out of this palette if you wanted to put them into a bigger magnetic palette (z-palette) or something like that. The shades in this palette are exclusive to this premade palette only; you can’t buy them individually.


  • ThrottlePale pink in a satin finish.
  • HarleyCool gray in a matte finish.
  • BurnoutDeepened teal in a matte finish.
  • ChopperDeepened purple in a matte finish.


T-B: Just in Time, High Strung, Get Out & Cute Alert

The other quad I have is the Hi-Maintenance palette which is also $18USD. This palette is full of rosy & burgundy shades which is definitely my kind of shades. I love that each one of the premade palettes can be used to create a complete look – it’s definitely always nice to have especially if you’re traveling & don’t want to take a huge palette with you. The shades in this palette are sold as individuals for $5USD each.

Individuals by Finish

I don’t have a huge collection of these (yet… I’m sure that’ll change) but the ones I have are all absolutely beautiful. I definitely love the matte & metallic finishes; both formulas are super buttery & pigmented. Again, each pan is $5USD & you get 0.04oz/1.20g of product – which is a little less than MakeupGeek pans.



  • ♥ Liar, LiarPale pink in a metallic finish.
  • Bouquet TossPinky peach in a metallic finish.
  • ♥ Come & Get ItDuochrome rose with a gold shift in a metallic finish.
  • Save It For LaterAmber in a metallic finish.
  • You Know the DrillBronze in a metallic finish.
  • Game Changer Icy moss in a metallic finish.
  • Up & UpDuochrome teal with a green shift in a metallic finish.
  • SidelineDuochrome eggplant with a green shift in a metallic finish.
  • BackseatDeep aquamarine in a metallic finish.
  • Milli (LE*)Orangey bronze in a metallic finish.

* Milli is no longer available, this was a limited edition shade that they gave out for free on all $10+ orders for reaching 1 million followers on Facebook. But we know how Colourpop always says “limited edition” & they always end up bringing products back – so who knows, they might bring this back too.

How I Store Mine

I actually keep all my Colourpop pressed shadows in a couple of the super shock shadow set boxes. I removed the foam on the inside; bought some sheets of self-adhesive magnet at the Dollar Tree & stuck them inside. Each of the set boxes can fit 20 pans, which is pretty decent in my opinion. You can also do the same thing with the little palettes that Colourpop has; which can fit 10 pans.

In conclusion, I really love their new pressed shadows. They’re quite similar to MakeupGeek but just a tad bit softer formula wise. The only shades that were a bit on the stiffer side & patchy were Piece of Cake & 143 – they definitely need to be built up. Other than those two shades; I really like all the rest. They’re super buttery, packed with a ton of pigment & they also don’t have a lot (if any at all) kickback or fallout. These are definitely a hit for me & I will be purchasing more in the future!



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