ABH Modern Renaissance Review

I’m sure you’ve heard all about this palette all over social media by now – if you haven’t, where the heck have you been!? This palette is surrounded by so much hype that I was pretty skeptical about buying it at first. I finally decided to take the plunge & purchased this through the AnastasiaBeverlyHills website (Sephora was out of stock every time I tried to order it) for $42USD + shipping + custom fees (yep, I got dinged with customs ordering from the ABH website). It’s well worth every single penny (that’s kind of moot now, seeing as how the penny is obsolete) in my opinion.

If you’d like to read my final thoughts & see swatches on this palette – keep on reading!


The palette itself is a soft pink shade with a velvety texture – which is really pretty but it also means getting it dirty a lot quicker. It’s a slim, compact palette with a magnetic closure & has a decent sized mirror inside as well. It’s the perfect sized palette to take traveling or just for easy storage (I keep this in an acrylic palette holder). This palette also comes with a double ended brush which really isn’t terrible quality – I just don’t tend to use it that much since I have other brushes I prefer. Overall, the packaging is really nice & sturdy.


03.pngI can definitely see why so many people love this palette – the formula is amazing! Each shade in this palette is buttery & highly pigmented. There’s not a huge amount of kickback when dipping your brush in the pans nor is there a ton of fallout either when applying to the eyes. The only shade that I feel that has the most fallout is Love Letter which to me isn’t a huge deal because the color is beautiful & one of my favorites in the entire palette. The shadows blend so well & the color scheme of the palette works really well together too.


If you’re a lover of warm berry tones with neutrals – this is definitely the perfect palette for you. You can do an every day neutral look or even glam it up using the berry pink shades for a night out. This palette is super versatile in my opinion & you can get create a ton of different looks with just this one palette. I’m a huge sucker for reddish/pink eye shadows so I definitely knew I needed this when I first saw it. This palette comes with 14 shades in total – 11 matte & 3 metallic.

Photo #1
TemperaVelvety beige in a matte finish.
Golden OchreEarthy yellow in a matte finish.
VermeerIridescent shell in a metallic finish.
Buon FrescoAntique lavender in a matte finish.
Antique BronzeMetallic sable in a satin finish.
Love LetterRaspberry in a matte finish.
Cyprus UmberDark coffee in a matte finish.

Photo #2
Raw SiennaNeutral amber in a matte finish.
Burnt OrangeDeep orange in a matte finish.
PrimaveraShimmery gold dust in a metallic finish.
Red OchreSienna in a matte finish.
Venetian RedCrimson in a matte finish.
Warm TaupeEarthy gray in a matte finish.
RealgarBrick orange in a matte finish.

Overall Thoughts

I love this palette – I use it almost daily & I’m thinking I need to get myself a backup. The pigment is phenomenal, the blendability is perfect & the shadows are buttery af. This palette is definitely in my top 3 favorites & I totally understand the hype surrounding this palette. Anytime someone asks for recommendations on a palette I’m also recommending this one. If you’re someone who loves neutrals and/or warm red pink tones – definitely get your hands on this one. You won’t be disappointed!



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