BdelliumTools Review

Some of you may already know that I’m a huge makeup brush lover (& a bit of a hoarder…) so when I came across BdelliumTools (DELL-ee-uhm) on YouTube, I decided to research them a little bit. BdelliumTools launched back in 2009 in California. Along with making natural & synthetic handmade brushes, they also make lip products as well. When I was browsing around their website, I came across the Product Review Program – being a blogger I was highly intrigued. Not only at maybe being able to test out their products but their brushes are beautiful & I’ve heard nothing but great things through social media.

I bit the bullet, I took a chance & applied to the Product Review Program. Now, I know my following isn’t super impressive nor do I have the most beautiful professional photography skills either but decided I had nothing to lose. Luckily for me, they accepted my application & you best believe I was jumping up & down with excitement!

The products in this post were generously sent to me by BdelliumTools for reviewing purposes. I’ve been using them for about a week now & if you’d like to hear my thoughts on these brushes (& the lipstick they sent me) – keep on reading!

I was lucky enough to receive 5 brushes & a lipstick from BdelliumTools. The brushes are amazingly soft & none of them have shed any bristles. They seem very high quality & well made. They blend & disperse product nicely – I’m really enjoying the eye shadow brushes the most out of all of them. The price point is a bit on the high end side of the spectrum but I feel like you’re getting high quality brushes in the long run!

01Maestro 955 Finishing$17.50USD
Maestro 964 Blusher $19.00USD
Studio 776 Blending$9.00USD
Studio 765 Angled Shader$9.00USD
Studio 781 Crease $10.50USD

My favorites are definitely the eyeshadow brushes & the blush brush. I’m definitely thinking the eyeshadow brushes are going to be quick favorites in my collection of brushes! Each of them apply product evenly & make blending a breeze! The blush brush is also really nice for setting under the eyes or applying blush (obviously…). The finishing brush isn’t horrible at all, but I feel like I have a lot of similar brushes so this one didn’t particularly stand out to me like the others did. It still works really nicely for setting your foundation or sweeping away any bake you might be doing!

02.pngAlong with the brushes, they also sent me a Matte Lipstick in the shade Scarlett OH. These matte lipsticks retail for $16.00USD. The packaging on this lipstick is so cool – it has a magnetic lid so it clicks shut when you put the lid on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lipstick packaging like this – I find it super unique! Their matte lipsticks claim to be long lasting with a creamy nourishing formula. I can’t really confirm how long they last because the colour I was sent isn’t really a shade I would typically wear. It’s definitely a beautiful shade (kind of a reddish orange) but me personally would’ve preferred a nude or something a bit more wearable. They claim to be a matte finish but I found that this still transferred quite a bit & didn’t dry out down completely matte. Their matte lipsticks are infused with shea butter & macadamia oil. They’re also scent & paraben free – along with being cruelty free & vegan!

Thank you so much to the team at BdelliumTools for accepting my application & letting me try out their brushes & lipstick! I can’t wait for when my financial issues are resolved so I can buy some more! If you haven’t tried BdelliumTools, I highly suggest checking them out or if you’re a blogger like myself – try your luck at their Product Review Program!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored; however, these products were sent to me for free. My thoughts & opinions remain 100% my own & completely honest!




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