DIY Pressed Glitters

I’ve never been much of a glitter fan, at all – but I’ve always done different bold looks that would’ve gone to the next level of awesome if I had some glitter thrown on my face. I live in a small town; where our makeup is pretty limited & we don’t have any cosmetic grade glitters in Walmart. I did a little research & decided to make my own pressed glitters. I find pressed glitters are a lot easier to work with rather than loose glitter – at least with pressed glitters you have a bit more control over where the product is going.

I’m not a professional makeup … maker… creator person.. whatever you want to call it. So whatever is said in this post please make these at your own risk. Disclaimer: I could only find craft glitter where I live (I’m a rebel, so I went with that option) but I highly suggest in getting some cosmetic grade glitters for yourself (or you can be a rebel like me, up to you). You can find cosmetic grade glitters on various websites; such as NyxCosmetics, BulkGlitters & probably even Amazon.

If you’d like to know my method & recipe on how I made my own pressed glitters – keep on reading!

The Ingredients

01.pngYou will need the following items: Isopropyl Alcohol, I used 70% because that’s all I could find. I’m sure anything higher will work just as good. 100% Pure Glycerin, you can find this in the pharmacy section at Walmart where the oils are. 100% Aloe Vera Gel, you can also find this in the pharmacy section at Walmart. Cosmetic grade glitter (or you can use craft glitter like I did, just be cautious). You will also need a syringe (found this at Walmart too), a mixing bowl & some empty eye shadow pans (you can find these on Amazon or clean out old eye shadow pans like I did). Lastly, you will need toothpicks, a ziplock bag & a quarter (for pressing purposes). Note: Totally forgot a ton of these supplies in my photo #facepalm.

The Method

This method is fairly easy; however it will take a bit of fiddling around to get the right consistency of your glitter mixture.

Step #1: In your mixing bowl; you will take 3 parts (fill your syringe to the 3) alcohol, 2 parts (fill your syringe to the 2) glycerin & 1 part (fill your syringe to the 1) aloe vera gel. Use the syringe or spoon to mix these three ingredients together, so it’s smooth & there’s no clumps.

Step #2: Take a piece of paper towel with a little alcohol to clean out your eye shadow pan; just to sterilize it before we get started. Take 1 part of your mixture into the syringe & dispense it into the eye shadow pan. You don’t need to fill it completely, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan.

Step #3: Slowly start adding your glitters & start mixing with your toothpick. You will need to have some patience when it comes to the mixing stage. You want all your glitter to be coated evenly with your liquid mixture. Just keep adding some of your liquid mixture & glitter until you get a somewhat mousse texture. You don’t want the consistency to be too thick or too runny – you may end up having to start over. Once my pan was full enough I just lightly tapped the pan on the table so that it all evened out & didn’t have any clumps or bubbles throughout the pan.

Step #4: Now you wait. Yeah, I know, waiting sucks – but it’ll be worth it in the end! Wait anywhere from 6 hours to a full 24 hours before you touch the pan. Set it somewhere that’s dry & open so it can dry completely. I personally waited the 24 hour mark just because I was using a lower percentage of alcohol so it took a little longer to dry.

Step #5: Okay, the waiting is over! Take your ziplock bag & place it on top of your pan. Gently set your quarter (or whatever you’re using to press the glitter) on top of the ziplock bag & lightly press down. Once you’ve pressed it down to your likingwalk away. Wait, what?! You heard me – walk away slowly & don’t look back. Leave it sit for another 24 hours. Why?! Because I told you to. Kidding, if you were to swatch it right now it would leave an ugly dent in your beautiful creation. Let it dry some more before dipping your fingers into it.

Swatching & Application

02.pngSo now all that waiting has paid off & your newly made glitters are ready to go! Swatching pressed glitters is different than swatching a pressed eyeshadow. Lightly tap your finger into the product to pick the glitter up & tap it on your hand or arm for swatching. For applying it to your eyes I suggest using a glitter glue or cream eyeshadow as your base just so that the glitter sticks as best as possible & you don’t get a bunch of fallout. You can either use your finger to apply or a flat synthetic brush.

I hope this was helpful & it works out for you! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment – I will try to answer them as best as I can! Remember, use eye safe glitters – just because craft glitter worked for me doesn’t mean it’ll agree with your skin!



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