Boxycharm March 2017

What is Boxycharm? Boxycharm* is a monthly beauty subscription box which is $21USD per month; $5 shipping to Canada. In Canadian dollars it works out to be roughly $35 per month – which in my opinion is still a great deal considering the value of the box is usually well over $100 worth of product.

How Does It Work? It’s simple, go to the Boxycharm website & sign up. You can choose to do monthly payments, payments every 6 months or yearly payments. These will automatically come out of your bank account & will only stop once you cancel your subscription. Payments are typically taken off on the 2nd day of each month & the box is normally shipped out by the 10th day.

If you’d like to know more about Boxycharm or are curious to see what I got in March’s box – keep on reading!

* This link is a referral link – I’d highly appreciate it if you used it when signing up. However, if you’d rather not just go to their website.

March 2017 Boxycharm (Creepy Cute)

This month was a pretty decent one; however I did get some products I probably won’t use much of. With that said, Boxycharm is still the greatest subscription box around; in my opinion of course. You get 4-5 full size (sometimes deluxe sizes) each month & the box usually has some sort of theme to it – which I find super cute. In this months box I got the following items:

NakedCosmetics Urban Rustic Palette$39.99USD
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer$16.00USD
Crown SS023 Deluxe Fan Brush$18.99USD
RealHer Lip Liner$12.50USD
RealHer Matte Liquid Lipstick$15.00USD

01The overall value of this months box was $102.48USD which is a pretty decent deal considering you’re only paying $21USD. My favorite items in this months box was the Crown fan brush & the NakedCosmetics eyeshadow palette. I’ve been using the fan brush daily since I got my box. I actually use this for bronzing up my face rather than highlighting – just because it’s a pretty fluffy fan brush. I like the eyeshadow palette because they’re definitely colors I’d wear however I don’t typically reach for these smaller palettes. The rest of the products were alright – but the Smashbox primer was extremely runny (even after shaking the crap out of it) & the lip products aren’t colors I typically wear.

Thoughts overall – wasn’t the best box they’ve had but there’s definitely some good things that I know I’ll get a lot of use out of. I’ve been subscribed since about August/September 2016 & I feel like Boxycharm really is stepping up their game! I’ve seen a couple spoilers for next months box & it looks like a good one; I’m excited!



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