Boxycharm May 2017

What is Boxycharm? Boxycharm* is a monthly beauty subscription box which is $21USD per month; $5 shipping to Canada. In Canadian dollars it works out to be roughly $35 per month – which in my opinion is still a great deal considering the value of the box is usually well over $100 worth of product.

How Does It Work? It’s simple, go to the Boxycharm website & sign up. You can choose to do monthly payments, payments every 6 months or yearly payments. These will automatically come out of your bank account & will only stop once you cancel your subscription. Payments are typically taken off on the 2nd day of each month & the box is normally shipped out by the 10th day.

If you’d like to know more about Boxycharm or are curious to see what I got in March’s box – keep on reading!

* This link is a referral link – I’d highly appreciate it if you used it when signing up. However, if you’d rather not just go to their website.

May 2017 Boxycharm (Makeup is Art)

This month’s box is amazing! I personally really love everything in this month’s box – Boxycharm has been getting better & better every month. Makes me super excited to see what next month’s box will bring. You get 4-5 full size (sometimes deluxe sizes) each month & the box usually has some sort of theme to it – which I find super cute. In this months box I got the following items:

IBYBeauty Highlight & Contour Palette – $40.00
Crown Pro Round Contour Brush – $24.99
The BrowGal Brow Brush – $14.00
The BrowGal Convertible Brow Trio (02) – $35.00
Temptu Liquid Glow Highlighter – $29.50

IMG_6590.PNGThe overall value of this months box was $143.49USD which is a pretty decent deal considering you’re only paying $21USD. Like I said, I love everything I’ve got this month! There’s  not one item that I didn’t like or that I won’t get use out of.

The highlight & contour palette is super pigmented with a soft formula that blends easily. I’ve been enjoying this palette because I can actually use each of the contour shades – they’re not overly warm like most of them are. The highlight shades are also really nice & I can probably use two of three shades depending on the time of year & how dark/pale my skin gets.

The round contour paddle brush is extremely soft with a flexible handle so I don’t think I have to worry too much about it snapping off like a lot of them tend to do. I wouldn’t personally use this for contouring but I have been using it for my foundation. It spreads the product around effortlessly & blends the foundation out to a nice finish without leaving brush streaks.

The two brow products go hand in hand – since they’re both  by the same company. The brow trio powders are such a genius product. You can use them dry or wet, depending on if you like a powder or pomade formula more. I’ve been using them both wet & dry since my brows are extremely thin & sparse. I use the powders wet for the tail where I need the most pigmentation & then dry for the front of my brow to get the nice fade. I’m also really loving the brow brush that came in the box as well. The spoolie works well with the curve it has & the brush itself is super thing & precise; making it easy to fake the little brow hairs .

Lastly, the liquid glow is stunning! I typically don’t use liquid highlighters but recently I’ve been really into the glowy look. I’ve been mixing this product in with my moisturizer or foundation to get my skin an overall glowy look. I also have been using my beauty sponge to dab a little on the high points of my face. This highlighter doesn’t give you a super intense glow; more so a glow from within type of look which I’ve been really diggin’ lately.

Thoughts overall – this has been probably my most favorite box yet from Boxycharm! I was not disappointed in the least with any of these products so I’m super happy about that!



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