Q&A – Get to Know Me!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve made a blog post… I figured I’d do another q&a so that any new followers I may have, can get to know me a little better! Some of these questions & answers may be repeats from the last time I did this.

Let’s get started, eh?

lovelyangellady asked: When did you first realize that you were into makeup? I suppose it was when I got my first 100 followers on IG. I had started my page spur of the moment, so I didn’t think it would last long but it didn’t take me long to realize how much I loved playing with makeup!

britttstersonia_glam, dianiszmakeup asked: What got you into makeup? Honestly, it was boredom. I’ve been unemployed for almost 2 years now & I needed something to occupy my time. I had started watching beauty gurus on YouTube & then figured, why the hell not?

reginaparkermua, melissaleahgarrett, _beautyhabits asked: How long do your looks take to complete?  It depends if I’m just doing an every day look, a full avant garde look or just an eye look. An every day look can take me anywhere from 10 minutes to half an hour. A full avant garde look could take anywhere from one hour to two. And just an eye look can take me 10 minutes to half an hour. All depends on if I’m being rushed or have time to sit & take my time with it.

banni_g asked: What’s your favorite product?! Depends what type of product you’re meaning. In general, I’m a palette hoarder. I love eye shadows the most for sure.

prisgutierrez, lethal_kitten asked: Where do you find inspiration for your makeup looks? A lot of the time I’ll look on Pinterest. But I can get inspired from anything & everything – it just takes thinking outside the box.

prisgutierrez asked: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Hopefully married with another child. As for makeup – who knows. It would be nice to have a career in the makeup industry but if I’m just doing the whole blogging thing, I’d be more than happy with that too.

das.sonali.sidd asked: If you have 5 mins to do your makeup what can you do that would make the most difference? My brows, most definitely. They’re non-existent so if all I have time for was my brows, that’d make the most difference for sure.

missy_mua559 asked: What is your ultimate goal as a blogger? I would love to hit 10k, that’s my main goal right now. But long term, I would love to collab with some of my favorite brands or maybe even have my own makeup brand one day. As for the sappy aspect of it, I just want to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves & to not hold back from anything that they want to do.

samkrich asked: What’s your favorite TV show of all time? I have a ton of favorite tv shows. OITNB, Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, etc. Honestly, there’s too many to even pick just one.

gingerbeauty1984, briixbeauty, michellelobraced_rodriiguez asked: Where do you get your inspiration from? Any artists you look up to? I get my inspiration from… anything & anywhere. I look on Pinterest a lot or even if I see something in nature. I can get inspired from almost anything – anyone can, it just takes going outside the box. My biggest inspirations & the ones I look up to the most are kimberleymargarita_ & kaynadianbeauty – both are fellow Canadians too!

pamela.payne82 asked: If you had to choose one feature to do, eyes, lips, brows which would it be? Brows or eyes. I love doing my eyes but my brows are barely there so… yeah either one of those.

reesmua asked: Blue or red Doritos? I have no idea what blue Doritos are so I’ll go with red, lol.

makeupdoll91 asked: Who’s your favorite YouTuber? That would most definitely be KathleenLights. I think she’s the most genuine & down to earth of them all.

gingersbeautycornerbeautybabe_88, deena_kane, netterscatering asked: What is your favorite makeup brand and what is your all time favorite product from that brand? This is a hard question, I have a lot of favorite brands & products from those brands. I would probably have to say Tarte for their concealer & Colourpop for their pressed eye shadows.

winter_meadows asked: What is the brand you want to work with the most? I would love to make a collection with Colourpop… maybe one day!

jessecami asked: What inspires you in life, makeup, or anything you do? My son. He’s my biggest inspiration for everything. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where my life would’ve taken me – but I can almost guarantee it would’ve been a very bad road I would’ve been on.

_kcrtz_ asked: I absolutely love all your looks! Have you ever considered collaborating with a photographer and create an amazing surreal photoshoot? First off, thank you so much! I would love to have a photoshoot, I just don’t know many photographers in my area unfortunately. Plus… I’m not very photogenic lol!

banni_g asked: What’s is your favorite look on you? My favorite look on myself, would probably be red/pink eyeshadows – they make my eyes pop the most.

pantartmua, marahhdoll, prisgutierrez asked: What’s your go to/holy grail eyeshadow palette? The ABH Modern Renaissance palette is definitely my go to & my favorite.

enviedbeauty asked: What is your favorite brand for eyeshadows? Colourpop, MakeupGeek & ABH.

gladiis_moreno asked: What is your favorite lipstick? I don’t actually wear lipstick besides for a look or photo. I don’t have a specific favorite lipstick.

phenorisrae, bremariemakeup asked: How old were you when you started wearing makeup? Probably around 14/15. Back in middle/high school I didn’t really wear too much makeup. It wasn’t until I started my IG page in September 2016 that I really started wearing it.

_binxxie_ asked: Do you have a favorite not so well known mua? Not really, no. The ones I like the most are pretty well known already.

kyanajbeauty asked: What is your favorite part about makeup? My favorite part about makeup would probably be the fact it’s given me a lot of confidence & has gotten me to get outside my comfort zone. It’s also helped me meet a lot of awesome people.

missy_mua559 asked: How old were you when you realized makeup was your passion? It wasn’t until I started my IG page that I realized I had a passion for makeup – so I guess 27 years old, lol.

vidadeeglam asked: Do you ever go out places with your avant-garde style makeup still on? How do you usually look when you’re not all done up? Do you like cheetos? Cats or dogs? Nope, I do my avant garde looks just for IG. I look homeless when I’m not all done up, lol. Cheetos are okay, I don’t really eat much junk food. Dogs for sure.

mercii_felix asked: What’s your favorite scary movie? Hmm, The Exorcist for sure. I have a ton of favorite scary movies – I love horror.

life__imitates_art_ asked: What’s your favorite look you created? Probably my most recent ones, the full face avant garde ones.

angela23ann asked: What are some of your must haves? Face wash, brow products, mascara & lipbalm.

charlalynn87 asked: What is your favorite lash brand? I don’t wear lashes that often, I mostly just wear them for a look & then rip them off right after. Most of the lashes I use, are from the dollar store. Drugstore brand would be Ardell Demi Wispies.

antoinettemariex asked: Favorite actor / actress? My favorite actor is Johnny Depp & my favorite actress is Tatiana Maslany!

girlvsglam asked: Do you wear makeup everyday? No, not every day. I usually only do my makeup if I’m going out somewhere or doing a specific look for my IG.

craftedmagnificencebyliv asked: What is your best advice for beginners? Be consistent, stay true to the content you want to post, stay humble & remain grateful for all opportunities you’ve received. Keep trying because there’s no where to go but up. Don’t get sucked into petty drama & always stay true to who you are.

michellesitze_mu asked: What is your favorite liquid lipstick brand? I don’t wear too much lipstick but I really like the formula of Ofra lipsticks.

sarahbearah2689 asked: How do you build your followers up? Post consistently & engage with your followers as much as you can. Build friendships & stay true to the content on your page. Don’t buy followers or likes; it’s better to build them up organically. If they like your page & you for you, they’ll stick around.

jjnycole_xo asked: What made you wanna start the beauty industry? Mostly boredom, I needed something to occupy my time. I started watching YouTube videos & figured why not try something different!

lovely_me702 asked: What is the worst palette you have bought? This is going to get me some hate, probably but… TooFaced Chocolate Bar palette. It was lacking pigmentation & it just wasn’t something I reached for like I thought I would.

michymakesup asked: What keeps you motivated? Whenever someone tells me that I have talent or that I’ve inspired them. That helps me keep going with whatever I’m doing, it warms my heart.

sojournlove asked: Do you ever feel like makeup is a form of escape? Of course, whenever I’m in a bad mood, stressed or just feeling in a funk – I always turn to makeup to help me feel better. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve come across.

youarrimazing asked: Favorite quiet place? My makeup room or outside.

ohhkirstie asked: You’re so amazing at what you do. What would you say got you so far with your craft? Talent? Plain hardwork? Thank you so much! Well, honestly, I don’t think I’m nearly as talented as some other people in the community but I definitely think it’s been my hard work & pure dedication I’ve had since starting my page.

anaturalmakeover asked: What drives your passion? How long did it take you before you felt like you were good at what you do? What are your top 5 beauty hacks? When people tell me I inspire them, that really drives my passion & is what keeps me going. I don’t think I’ll ever be good at what I do, I’m my own worst critic. I don’t really use any “hacks” other than tape for getting a sharp wing, lol.

_beautyhabits asked: How much do you charge? I’m not a freelance mua, so I don’t charge anything.

cheeksmakeup asked: What are your favorite products for colorful liner? The only ones I’ve tried are the Nyx Vivid Brights & MoonGlowSocial neon eye liners. Both of them crack (on me personally), but work well if you’re just doing a look for your IG & not wearing them for long periods of time.

inspiredwithelena asked: How do you do the “splatters” is it like a stippling brush and how do you get the pigment so show up so good when you do it? For the splatters, I take liquid eyeliner or face paint, add water to it to make it more watery & then with a stiff brush, I just run my finger along the bristles to splatter it on my face. As for getting the eyeshadows vibrant, I just pack on the color & layer.

That completes this Q&A! I just want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to ask me a question! A lot of them were repeats, so you’ve been bunched together if you’ve asked the same question as someone else.



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