Colourpop Pressed Palettes Review + Swatches

I feel like with these reviews, there’s always hundreds of reviews already floating around – but I live in Canada & for some reason orders from the USA usually take 100 years to get here. So, I’m always late to the reviewing game – better late than never, I suppose! In today’s post, I will be reviewing both the new pressed palettes from Colourpop – Yes, Please eye shadow palette & Gimme More highlighter palette.

Grab yourself some popcorn, it might be a long post!

Yes, Please

This palette is a limited edition palette that has 12 shades of warm neutral tones – varying between matte & shimmer finishes. This palette is currently out of stock; but is set to restock on July 7th @ 10am PST for $16USD. As most of you already know, I love Colourpop’s pressed eye shadows & this palette is no different. It performed really well, they’re pigmented & are very easy to work with. There is some fallout & kick back but like I always say – that’s not a big deal to me.

It’s been said that this palette is very similar to the Natasha Denona Sunset eye shadow palette – you’ll have to take the word from others since I don’t own that palette myself. However, I’m sure there’s many dupes or similar eye shadows on the market. For the price of Colourpop’s you can’t go wrong. In this palette you get 0.36oz of product (each pan is 0.03oz) which is slightly smaller than their individual shadows but not by much.


The packaging is your standard cardboard material with super cute lettering. However, I’m not a fan of cardboard packaging (especially white cardboard) because I feel like it gets dirty very quickly. This particular packaging is slightly confusing because the name of the palette itself is “Yes, Please” but on the palette itself it says “Cute AF”. The one upside to this packaging is the fact they did put the names of each shade on the back of the palette; which I find super helpful when it comes to swatching. I like that it’s compact & slim for storing it easily – however, it lacks a mirror which isn’t ideal for people who like to travel.

The Shadows + Swatches

I will never get bored with a good warm toned palette. I can’t have too many to be quite honest. The formula of Colourpop eye shadows are probably my favorite formula. They’re soft which makes them easy to blend; but on the other hand because of the soft formula they do tend to produce kickback when dipping your brush in. They’re amazingly pigmented – even though there are a few shades here & there that do need to be built up; I personally enough that in an eye shadow. I’ve said it before, but I would rather go into a shadow to build the pigmentation than going in with too much right off the bat.

Shades Included:

Full ZipWarm ivory in a matte finish. On sale as an individual.
Big CocktailsOrange in a matte finish.
ChampsPale peachy nude in a matte finish.
BlingRust in a metallic finish.
LouieDuochrome red with a gold shift in a metallic finish.
Butter CakePale yellow gold in a metallic finish.
SpoiledBrick red in a matte finish.
GnoBurnt orange in a matte finish.
MischiefWarm yellow in a matte finish.
Note to SelfWarm caramel in a matte finish. On sale as an individual.
ChauffeurDuochrome bright orange with a gold shift in a metallic finish.
French KissDeep red-brown in a matte finish.


Gimme More

This palette is a limited edition palette that has 6 shades of “high shine” pressed highlighters. This palette is currently out of stock; but is set to restock (date is TBA) $18USD. I felt like this needed to be built up a couple of times in order to get the “high shine” pay off. Compared to ABH glow kits, they’re definitely not as bright & in your face. There is some fallout & kick back but like I always say – that’s not a big deal to me.


Same as the Yes, Please palette – it’s cardboard & the name on the palette says “I Like Your Face” even though the actual name of the palette is Gimme More. Again, they have the shade names on the back, which I personally really like! Now, if only they were made out of some plastic over cardboard; I’d like the packaging a bit more. That’s just me being picky though.

The Highlighters + Swatches

The formula isn’t as soft as the eye shadows; they feel a lot more dense to the touch. However, they apply a lot nicer to the face than they do swatched. Some of the shades felt more creamy & some felt more gritty due to the glitter. When swatched, a few other seemed a little chunky, until it was applied to the face & blended out. I really like the fact that there’s not a lot of glitter in this formula; I hate glitter on my face! For being their first pressed highlighter palette so all in all, it’s not bad at all.

Shades Included:

ExtraPale gold with peach reflects.
UpgradeBaby pink.
BottomlessTangerine with a gold shift.
Full ServicePinky orange with a gold shift.
Bigger & Better – Golden champagne.
Total Package – Metallic rose gold.


Gimme More vs. ABH x Nicole Guerriero

When I first saw the Gimme More palette I thought it looked oddly familiar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. The shades are extremely similar in the pans so I figured I’d do a little comparison swatch to see just how alike they are! The left side is Colourpop & the right side is ABH.


Extra vs Forever Lit – Extra is more golden compared to Forever Lit, which is more of a white base with a blue tint. Both of these shades the lightest in each palette.

Upgrade vs Forever Young – Upgrade is more of a pale baby pink compared to Forever Young, which has more of a peachy tone.

Bottomless vs Daydream – Bottomless is more peachy with a gold shift compared to Daydream, which is more of a solid peach with gold glitter.

Full Service vs Kitty Kat – Full Service is more of an orange undertone with a gold shift compared to Kitty Kat, which is more pink & a couple shades lighter.

Bigger & Better vs Glo Getter – Bigger & Better is lighter & slightly more golden than Glo Getter, which is slightly more pink & darker.

Total Package vs 143 – Total Package is more of a rose gold than 143, which is more of a bronze.

Are these palettes dupes? Nah, I don’t think so. They do look very similar in the pans when they’re side by side but the shades themselves are pretty different. There’s only a couple that could maybe, sorta pass for dupes but I still wouldn’t even call it that. However, if you don’t want to spend $50+ on the ABH palette (if you can even get it anymore, I don’t know) the Colourpop one could be a good, cheaper alternative. In all honesty, I very rarely reach for the ABH palette, I can see myself using the Colourpop one more just because they’re not as intense & more wearable for my skin tone.

Okay… I think I’ve rambled enough, I’ll leave this post off with an eye look I did using both of the Colourpop palettes!



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