Since I get so many questions about the same things – whether it be personal life or about makeup; I figured I’d put them all together on this one page. So, let’s get started, shall we?

What’s your name? My name is Chelsea & you can call me just that. I’m not a fan of being called Chels, fyi.

How old are you? I’m currently 28 years old. Even though I tend to get the whole “you look so much younger” comment all the time.

Where are you from? I’m from Saskatchewan, Canada. It’s the big rectangular province in between Alberta & Manitoba.

When did you get into makeup? I’ve always been interested in makeup but I never really wore it much. During my highschool years, I literally only wore eyeliner (yes, raccoon style) & mascara. It wasn’t until August 2016 that I really got into makeup, like REALLY into it. I’m kind of addicted now.

What do you use for your photos? I honestly use my iPhone. I can’t afford a fancy camera, so I just use what I have & make do with it.

How do you get your photos so white? Magic… obviously. Kidding, I’m like everyone else who wants AMAZING photos but can’t afford the high quality equipment… I use an app on my phone called Airbrush. I literally only use it for whitening up parts of my photos that appear too yellow.

What kind of light do you use? Again, I use what I have. I use natural light & take my photos during the day when it’s sunny and/or overcast. It’s kind of a pain because of the deadline to get photos done but it’s also free!

Where did you get your marble & fur? I got the marble background at the dollarstore. Yes, it literally cost me a dollar because it’s just a plastic table placemat! I found chunks of faux fur at my local Walmart in the craft section for about $4.

What do you use for your watermarks? Again, another app. I could use Photoshop for editing but honestly I’m just too lazy to upload photos to my computer & all that jazz. I use an app called Phonto, it’s fairly easy to use & it’s free.

Where do you get your flatlay props? Mostly the dollarstores in my town or thrift stores. Sometimes I’ll find pieces at Walmart but usually it’s dollarstores.



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