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Glamskullbeauty is a PR friendly blog where all things beauty related will be discussed. Feel free to get in touch via e-mail ( regarding PR inquires or if you’d like to work with me; if you feel that your brand would be relevant to my blog’s content. I will do my best to respond to all e-mails in a timely manner – unless you’re trying to do a sales pitch (LipSense, ITWorks, etc.)

All samples/collaborations/sponsorships will be disclaimed either in the start of the post or the end. I will always disclaim when something has been sent to me – however, my views & opinions will remain 100% honest. Whether products on my blog have been purchased with my own money or sent to me; they will be reviewed in the same manner.

All photos and/or graphics seen throughout this blog were taken/made by me. Please do not use my photos without my written permission – unless your brand is being featured; then feel free to use the photo but please give proper credit, link or mention to me.If you’re a fellow blogger & you’d like to use my photo(s) please link to my blog.

All links that I use that are an affiliate link will also be disclaimed somewhere in the body of the post. I will never provide an affiliate link to you without disclosing that I will make a small commission if they’re used – they are optional, however, I will highly appreciate all the support I get.


To discuss PR  & advertising please contact me directly via e-mail to – I will get back to you as soon as possible. A media kit will be provided upon request.


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