Q&A – Get to Know Me!

It's been a hot minute since I've made a blog post... I figured I'd do another q&a so that any new followers I may have, can get to know me a little better! Some of these questions & answers may be repeats from the last time I did this. Let's get started, eh? lovelyangellady asked: When … Continue reading Q&A – Get to Know Me!


DIY Pressed Glitters

I've never been much of a glitter fan, at all - but I've always done different bold looks that would've gone to the next level of awesome if I had some glitter thrown on my face. I live in a small town; where our makeup is pretty limited & we don't have any cosmetic grade … Continue reading DIY Pressed Glitters


I really, really wish someone would've told me about Influenster a long time ago; I might've got into beauty blogging a lot sooner (#lol)! This is such an amazing tool for people who love to review products, give their input & have the chance to receive free products! Really, who doesn't love free stuff?! The one … Continue reading Influenster